Metabolomic Books

Proteomics and Metabolomics in Psychiatry (edited by D. Martins-de-Souza).

According to the blurb the book compiles data generated by proteomics and metabolomics about psychiatric disorders and talks about the field of molecular psychiatry.

There is also an e-book out at the Clinical Leader website about ‘The 5 Core Elements Of A Discovery Metabolomics Studies’

‘Metabolic Flux Analysis’ edited by Professor Lars Nielsen, leader of the Metabolomics Australia node of the University of Queensland. ( Researchers mainly interested in plants may also like ‘Plant Metabolic Flux Analysis’ ( “Metabolomics and Systems Biology in Human Health and Medicine”. Have a look at

Free Data Mining Books Basically if you head to the data science central website you can read and download a whole host of data mining books on a wide range of topics all for free. The website is and happy reading to all.

Free Book on Metabolomics

LCGC has a great series of educational e-books covering the latest innovations in chromatography. They are available for the iPad or for a standard computer web browser and cover food, environment, water, pesticides, method development and more. See for all the information and a list.

There is also a metabolomics one which is very good. To get a copy for free head to and fill in the form.

Mass-Spectrometry Guide Mass spectrometry is a cornerstone of metabolomics and most of us in the field are keen to get our hands on new toys but how do you keep up with all the developments? There are a few neat articles out there such as the mass spec buyers guide at  and the nice little article at which gives an overview of some new kit such as the new the AxION iQT GC/MS/MS from PerkinElmer and the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid (which includes three mass analyzers: a quadrupole detector, an Orbitrap and a linear-ion trap). There are plenty more article on website that readers might find of interest.

NMR Book Advances in Biological Solid-State NMR is edited by Edited by Professor Frances Separovic (University of Melbourne) and Akira Naito. It covers the most recent developments in the methodology and applications of solid-state NMR to studies of membrane interactions and molecular motions, including lipids in membranes. While being focused on protein NMR the book may be useful for metabolomics based work and may also interest those working in a range of related spectroscopic and biological fields. See – for more.

Waters Metabolomics & Lipidomics Application Notebook

Waters has contributed a lot to metabolomics over the years (, as well as developed software (, and funded a centre for innovation in Metabolomics ( They have also have published a range of metabolomics and lipidomics applications and now, to make it easier for researchers to access these latter documents, they have brought all of these together into one single file. It has four chapters, Chapter 1 deals with untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics; chapter 2: is on the topic of structural elucidation; chapter three is where you would head if you want targeted metabolomics and lipidomics while chapter 4 covers the very interesting area of MS Imaging and Ambient Ionization-MS. You can download the whole document or just go for individual chapters. If you want to find out more all the information is at

Metabolomics in Medicine If you are a medical researcher and interested in metabolomics then this website will be of interest. The​ Metabolomics in Medicine website ​aims to bring together online instruction and other resources to help researchers and clinicians to catch up with the rapid pace of development in the metabolomic sciences. The learning materials on the site are aimed at will teaching the scientific foundations for understanding current technologies and analytical strategies. They also demonstrate sample applications to illustrate typical challenges for researchers and clinicians. You can get access to all of this via