Metabolomic Sample Kits

Mass Spectrometry Development Kit The system is a Java library of algorithms for processing mass spectrometry data (so yes you do need to be a bit of a tech wiz to get it to work). According to the website the goals of the library are to provide a flexible data model with Java interfaces for mass-spectrometry related objects (including raw spectra, processed data sets, identification results etc.) and to integrate the existing algorithms that are currently scattered around various Java-based graphical tools, such as (in alphabetical order): Guineu, JDAMP, Maltcms, MassCascade, Maui-VIA, msInspect, mzMatch, MZmine, OpenChrom, ProteoSuite and SIRIUS. If you are a computer tech person then have a look at for all the details.

Metabololite Extraction Kits Many metabolomics sample preparation methods (especially for biofluids) are essentially dilute. This is good for untargeted metabolomics but for targeted analysis one might try something like SPE as a means to get at specific subgroups of metabolites. The Phenomenex EZ: fast amino acid kit is a nice example of this as it gives everything needed for sample clean up, derivatization, and analysis of 384 physiological (free) amino acid or protein hydrolysate samples, see and a video is available at
Metabolomics Reagent Kits There are a number of neat lab kits out there that aim to help with some of the sample preparation needed for metabolomics. EZFfaast amino acid analysis kits from Phenomenex, for example, are really handy is you want to do a targeted and speedy (15 min) assay for amino acids (see There are also several very handy metabolite ID kits from Biocrates (e.g. and now there is a new protein removal kit from a company called BindPro. The term is an umbrella trademark for a range of reagents designed as alternatives to ultrafiltration and/or solvent precipitation for applications that require protein removal and/or concentration. Apparently, the BindPro Metabolomics kit was re-engineered for increased stability and can also be used in lieu of solvents for drug binding studies as well as for metabolomic and lipidomic studies. The big downside is price but you can read more at if you want to know all the details.

AbsoluteIDQ Kits are standardized and quality controlled research assays to identify and quantify 188 metabolites from five different metabolite classes (i.e. acylcarnitines, amino acids, hexoses, phospho- and sphingolipids and biogenic amines). They also have some nice kits for vitamin D analysis, see for more information.