Metabolomic Videos

Understanding Human Metabolism 

Science Noir

  • A short scientific movie in the film noir style made by scientists at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Channeling a somewhat Philip Marlowe approach to detective work, the PI in this video is tracking down metabolites—molecules involved in biological mysteries, each with more twists and turns than a Raymond Chandler novel. The video is at is neat and as an extra bonus you can try out your inner CSI with some real metabolomics cases which you can read all about at

Statistical Aspects of Data Mining

The Inner Life of a Cell and Other Videos

  • Depicts the inner goings on of a cell, which of course generates all the metabolites that we study and you’ll see quite a few of them in the video. It is very accurately depicted (expect for the excess free space which was included so that you can see what is going on). Since that time XVIVO have made a number of other animations from how Mitochodria generate energy ( to protein packing ( All of these are really fantastic teaching tools for all of us who work/teach biochemistry and related fields such as metabolomics.